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The waveion way: groundbreaking technology

For well over a century, mastering the concept of sound has been a struggle, with scientists locking it inside a box. These boxes—speakers, as we know them—rely on internal membranes to generate and amplify the low, medium and high frequency signals that make up sound. Because a majority of those frequencies don’t overlap with each other well, the resulting sound quality is distorted, delayed and dulled. Until now.


Sound as sublime as space

Waveion technology frees sound from the shackles of physical constraints, allowing it to be born in space. What appears to be magic is, in fact, a new level of technological breakthrough.

After 10 years of extensive research and development, meticulously fine-tuning engineering solutions, the ion loudspeaker, which uses revolutionary waveion technology, changes everything. By forgoing the traditional speaker membrane, and relying on a pulsating, invisible shaft of air in the center of the loudspeaker, all components are static. Free of membranes, free of physical boundaries, sound is created and released at a whole new level.

The ion loudspeaker’s exquisite sound generation became possible with the discovery of the new effect of local pressure increase, which occurs in the ion exchange process. Within the speaker’s shaft, molecules are turned into negative and positive ions, generating powerful, realistic output. This sound generation is evenly distributed 360° on all frequencies, and occurs from an open space—as if the sound is born out of nowhere.

A revolution in sound: waveion overview

As air is the environment through which sound travels, for uncompromised quality, it should also be produced there. By creating conditions of perfect symmetry, without physical boundaries, the ion loudspeaker achieves this effect of pure sound. No other system in the world is capable of creating this symmetric, evenly distributed audio field.

The essence of acoustics

The human brain can detect even the smallest discrepancies in sounds relayed by the ears, and is thereby capable of determining the position of the sound source in space. Even the most perfect acoustics have a limited sound field, or the zone of optimal stereo effect, which can greatly shift and change the soundscape.

Another important factor that the ion loudspeaker addresses is secondary sound reflections. In order for secondary reflections within an environment to contribute to sound realism—so the sound seems as if it’s transported into the listening space with its own acoustic properties—the sound emitted to the sides and rear must exactly match the sound from the front of the system.

Even omnipolar acoustics, where sound seems to come from all directions, still has problems associated with the need to use multiple emitters, creating sound that is ultimately not fully aligned in space.

Why waveion is better

Any sound and its source are indivisible in the real world. The ideal sound source is the air itself, with a complete absence of distorting elements like a magnetic system, membrane, and physical constraints of the speaker. Waveion technology solves the issue of sound distortion in modern speaker technology such as:

  • Breaking the boundaries of the physical speaker box, which is where sound interacts—and interferes—with itself.
  • The weight of the membrane and the strength of its suspension, or attachment, inside the speaker, which causes delays and dulling of sound reproduction.
  • The ultimate rigidity of the membrane in the speaker: bending its shape causes sound distortion and resonance.
  • Any loudspeaker with a membrane inside emits main sound waves and counter waves. The counter wave is either absorbed or inverted, or emits into space, which distorts the accuracy of the surround-sound.

In an effort to improve upon technology, high-end speaker manufacturers will reduce the weight of the membranes within their speakers or increase the membranes’ rigidity to minimize sound distortion. However, distortions persist for the simple reason that the membrane and physical boundaries still exist. The only way to eliminate distortions is to eliminate these things altogether.

The ion loudspeaker is the world’s first sound source with no physical boundaries. The 360° sound field is generated in the air, without any chemical or physical processes that alter its properties. The resulting system is remarkably effective and accurate, creating shockingly realistic sound. It’s the future of sound, here today.


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Model ONE

Model One is an ergonomic embodiment of the uncompromising integration of technology and design.

You cannot pass it by without being impressed.

This elegant creation, consisting of a classic subwoofer with a cutoff frequency of 350 Hz, and an ion loudspeaker located at the top, will beautifully complement any interior.


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